Nominations Open for Sous Chefs Community Leaders

Time has rolled around again and we’re looking to elect a new set of community leaders. Ideally, we’re looking for three fresh new faces!

Tim, Dan, and Joseph have been working hard in the background for the past three years and we’re looking to shake things up.

What’s Involved

  • You’re looking to shape the direction of a great community, you have ideas that can help an OpenSource community grow.
  • You like to keep things ticking along, supporting shipping some of the most used cookbooks in the Chef community.
  • You’re able to mentor and guide others to produce great cookbooks from the ground up.
  • The current leaders have driven large projects like:
    • the direction and rewrite of resource-driven cookbooks, that has been great uptake in the community.
    • CI improvements that make releasing cookbooks easy and safe

The Process

Nominations will be open for two weeks, until Monday 16th September.

Once nominations end we will announce the list of nominees and voting will commence.

Nominate yourself: Nominations end 2019-09-16

Voting: Voting for Community Leaders ends 2019-09-30

Who is Eligible

Don’t worry if you’re new to the community, or have been around a while, all are welcome.

As per usual we’re looking for three members to lead.

Get Involved

If you still don’t feel like nominating yourself for the vote, there are plenty of other ways to get involved like opening pull requests, answering, or even asking questions on Slack.

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Dan Webb

Dan Webb was a community advocate at Progress Chef.