November 2018 OSS Updates

Here’s this month’s round up of what happened in November across the Chef, Habitat, and InSpec open-source communities. Many thanks to all of our contributors this month.


This month’s release of Chef 14 is Chef 14.7.17. This release includes three new resources for users on Windows:

  • windows_firewall_rule, to let you manage Windows firewall rules;
  • windows_share, to set up Windows file shares;
  • windows_certificate, to add, remove, or verify certificates in either the system or user certificate store.

Additionally, five resources have significant updates: dmg_package, kernel_module, mount, timezone, and windows_task.

Chef Workstation also includes a new version of Test Kitchen that supports the new ARM-based AWS Graviton processors, for those folks eager to get their hands on Amazon’s A1 instances.


We released Habitat twice times this month. The refactoring of the supervisor’s HTTP API schema continues, so if you are relying upon the data returned in it, you’ll want to read the documentation for this change before upgrading. This month’s releases also contain improvements to Habitat’s package management commands specifically the introduction of a hab pkg list command to show installed Habitat packages.


Following on the heels of last month’s release of InSpec 3, we released InSpec twice this month, adding support for Git URLs (both SSH and HTTPS) as a source for inspec exec commands, better handling of types in the xml resource, as well as many other bugfixes and enhancements.

Julian Dunn

Julian is a former Chef employee