Desktop Management Solution Now Available: Chef Desktop

We are proudly announcing the availability of Chef Desktop, desktop management software that enables IT managers to transform their own configuration and compliance requirements as human-readable code, in order to deploy, manage and secure entire fleets of laptops, desktops, or workstations from a central location.  

Organizations can gain control over IT resources, ease the management burden, and ensure compliance to minimize risk. Chef Desktop includes pre-written configuration code, with highly-curated content to audit and harden popular laptop and desktop operating systems. This approach helps IT resource managers gain value immediately while maintaining ultimate flexibility to meet enterprise-specific laptop/desktop related needs.

Among our new innovations for desktop management we include:

  • Zero-touch process for enrollment and provisioning of laptops/desktop endpoints (for Mac & Windows) 
  • Automated software/application deployment and management
  • Automated policy setting on endpoints with flexibility to fine-tune 
  • Low-lift rollout of software and application updates  
  • Transparent device known states via artifacts (e.g. cookbooks/profiles, etc.) to facilitate auditing and remediation 
  • Security policy enforcement via configuration profiles, data encryption, and system updates

Chef Desktop is the only IT resource configuration automation tool of its kind that enables organizations to apply a consistent approach to automate the configuration, management, and secure maintenance for the continuous compliance against CIS (Center for Internet Security) benchmarks of a large fleet of IT resources from a centralized location on a range of operating systems (MacOS, Windows, Linux).

Bringing Automation to IT Resource Management

Take control of your enterprise-wide fleet and continuously monitor for compliance by automating IT resource (desktop, laptop, kiosk) management with Chef Desktop. This customizable, extensible solution eliminates manual processes and helps you meet your organization’s unique needs at velocity from a single location. 

  • Automate the management of company-wide IT resource fleet regardless of operating system
  • Enable a change-control process at velocity for deploying and managing the fleet from a centralized location
  • Easily extensible with third-party apps and custom tooling
  • Provide customized, extensible configuration controls to meet each organization’s unique needs
  • Enable the configuration and management of non-traditional setups, such as air-gapped devices

Chef Desktop Management solution code example

Centralized Visibility and Traceability

Enhance efficiency and productivity across your organization. Automate tasks, eliminate time-consuming manual processes, and reduce costs for managing your large fleet of IT resources all from a single tool with Chef Desktop.

  • Reduce internal IT workload and minimize configuration issues and errors
  • Manage resources more consistently to reduce tickets and mistakes 
  • Lower the cost of maintaining IT resource fleet and eliminate manual processes by automating tasks to manage many devices

Screenshot of Chef Automate dashboard of desktop management solution

Continuous Compliance for IT Resources

Maintain consistent and continuous compliance monitoring of your large fleet of IT resources with Chef Desktop. Take advantage of curated Chef content to maintain compliance with industry standards, and easily customize policies to support specific auditing and compliance needs.

  • Consistently enforce security policies based on Center for Internet Security (CIS) benchmarks.
  • Provides for custom extensibility to meet customer-specific system security standard
  • Continuously detect security or compliance issues for continuous compliance
  • Enables for rapid remediation of identified compliance issues 

What next?

Visit the Chef Desktop page to learn more about this desktop management solution.

Register for our webinar: Introducing Chef Desktop.

Alan Baptista

Alan is a Product Marketing Director at Chef, working remotely from Southern California. His career of over 20 years has been in product marketing, sales operations and international business roles for enterprise software, telecommunications and government space at organizations such as CA Technologies, Experian, InterVoice and US Commerce Department. When not helping customers tell their success stories he enjoys traveling and exploring Sous-Vide cooking and BGE Grilling.