Ohai 0.6.0 Released!

It’s been a long time coming, so we are pleased to announce that Ohai 0.6.0 is released, including more than 40 bug fixes and improvements. Before getting into the details, I’d like to congratulate this release’s MVP, Kurt Yoder. Kurt really got our Solaris support into shape this release, adding smbios, filesystem, and virtualization support, and contributing to an upgrade of the DMI plugin. Thanks, Kurt!

In addition to Kurt’s fixes, we have two pretty big changes this time around. First of all, we’ve switched Ohai’s JSON backend to YAJL. This is an important step towards switching Chef to YAJL and makes it easier for us to stay current with the version of the JSON gem shipped by package managers in the meantime.

The other big improvement is that we’ve upgraded the command running back end for UNIX-like platforms. As a result, TERM and INT signals sent to Chef will be caught by Chef instead of the command it’s executing, making shutdowns more reliable. This change also results in a nice speed boost as well.


There is not yet a yajl-ruby binary gem for windows available on This will be coming soon, but in the meantime you can install ohai on Windows using the Ruby Windows Dev Kit. The basic install process is:

[code lang=”plain”]
cscript /nologo C:\chef\wget.vbs %TEMP%\rubydevkit.exe
mkdir C:\DevKit
copy %TEMP%\rubydevkit.exe C:\DevKit
cmd.exe /C C:\DevKit\rubydevkit.exe -y
cmd.exe /C C:\ruby\bin\ruby c:/DevKit/dk.rb init
cmd.exe /C C:\ruby\bin\ruby c:/DevKit/dk.rb install

All virtualization plugins now report virtualization software as virtualization[:system] instead of virtualization[:emulator]. Make sure any cookbooks you have that depend on virtualization[:emulator] are upgraded before you upgrade Ohai.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

In addition to Kurt’s patches, we also had contributions from Doug MacEachern, Jesai Langenbach, Holger Just, Anshul Khandelwal, Charles Duffy, Lee Huffman, Ringo De Smet, Frank Louwers, Sean Walbran Caleb Tennis, Laurent, Eric Heydrick, Marek, Tollef Fog Heen, and Gordon Thiesfeld–thanks, everyone!

  • OHAI-260 btm – remove overly verbose DMI output
  • OHAI-259 kallistec – Remove pessimistic dependency on yajl-ruby
  • OHAI-256 dougm – AIX support for C lang plugin
  • OHAI-255 Jesai Langenbach – add Ohai and Chef install paths to ohai data
  • OHAI-254 dougm Fix tests for netbsd
  • OHAI-253 Holger Just – improve reliability of Xen detection
  • OHAI-247 schisamo fix windows arp plugin
  • OHAI-244, OHAI-134 kallistec – yajl
  • OHAI-243 Anshul Khandelwal – slackware
  • OHAI-238 Charles Duffy – include peer addr for ptp interfaces
  • OHAI-237 Lee Huffman – fix ipaddress attribute on openvz guests
  • OHAI-236 kallistec – don’t require development deps to build gem
  • OHAI-235 Ringo De Smet – add support for Hotspot server VM to Java plugin
  • OHAI-230 Frank Louwers – Fix darwin platform under Ruby 1.9.2
  • OHAI-229 dougm – Windows license plugin
  • OHAI-227 schisamo – OpenJDK support for java language plugin
  • OHAI-226 Sean Walbran – Solaris virtualization plugin
  • OHAI-225 Sean Walbran, dougm, btm – Solaris fqdn plugin breaks when using NIS
  • OHAI-224 Caleb Tennis, dougm – false positives for sunpro C compiler detection
  • OHAI-222 Laurent – Change linux virt plugins to virtualization[:system]
  • OHAI-210 dougm – fix glibc version detection when it does not include a patch version
  • OHAI-207 Eric Heydrick – Fix Xen guest detection
  • OHAI-206 Avishai Ish-Shalom, dougm – add default gateway to network interfaces
  • OHAI-204 Kurt Yoder, dougm – include more DMI data
  • OHAI-202 Kurt Yoder – add Solaris zones to virtualization output
  • OHAI-200 Kurt Yoder – add automount information for CentOS/RedHat/Ubuntu Lucid
  • OHAI-186 Marek – Detect filesystem UUID information
  • OHAI-184 Kurt Yoder – Solaris smbios support
  • OHAI-183 laurent – Support for vservers
  • OHAI-177 btm – Eucalyptus support
  • OHAI-156 Kurt Yoder – Solaris filesystem support
  • OHAI-223,OHAI-136 kallistec – Port bugfixes from Chef’s popen4
  • OHAI-128 Kurt Yoder – Solaris uptime
  • OHAI-115 Tollef Fog Heen – Allow filtering nested output
  • OHAI-101 Gordon Thiesfeld, dougm – Multibyte characters crash ohai on windows vista and later.

Dan DeLeo