Ohai 6.16.0 Released!

Ohai 6.16.0 Released!

Today we’ve released Ohai 6.16.0 featuring 21 bug fixes and

Sascha Bates split up the Windows kernel plugin.
If you’re not using the driver information, you can disable the
“windows::kernel_devices” plugin to greatly reduce the amount of memory
consumed by Ohai data in your Chef runs. Improving Windows support is a
big priority here at Opscode, and this fix, improves the Chef experience
for Windows users in many ways. Thanks Sascha, you’re the MVP!

New Plugin

Aaron Kalin contributed a new plugin
to detect Linode instances
and make Linode information available in the “cloud” data section.

Jacques Marneweck added node.js support
to Ohai’s language detection suite.

Solaris and SmartOS Improvements

Jacques Marneweck also added support for
network interface flags
and SSH host keys on
SmartOS, while Ben Rockwood fixed SmartOS
detection to match changes to SmartOS’s /etc/release file.

Dave Eddy greatly improved filesystem profiling
on Solaris systems.

Most Annoying Bug Ever

Well, maybe just for me. Jonathan del Strother
fixed a bug in the java plugin
that caused Ohai to create files named “1” whenever you ran it. This was
really annoying when working with Ohai and Chef, so we’re overjoyed
about the fix.

Packaging Fixes

Larry Gilbert contributed a pair of fixes for
Ohai’s packaging scripts, adding Rake
to Ohai’s dependencies and fixing deprecated rake tasks
in Ohai’s Rakefile.


Laurent Désarmes Greatly improved Ohai’s
selection of the default IP address.

David Amian Valle fixed a bug in Ohai’s command line attribute print out.

Our own Lamont Granquist added raspbian support. (!)

Philipp Wollermann fixed a bug in the
virtualization plugin that prevented Ohai from detecting storage volumes.

Nicolas Szalay added FreeBSD
VirtualBox support

Andreas Gerauer added IPv6 support
to the Rackspace plugin.

Chef 10.18.0 MVP Xabier de Zuazo added IAM
security metadata support
to the EC2 plugin.

The Opscode team also added OS X serial number detection
and hint detection for Rackspace.

Ticket List

    Release Notes - Ohai - Version 6.16.0


  • [OHAI-326] – unable to display some values when specified from the command line
  • [OHAI-380] – Typo in virtualization.rb prevents storage volumes from being listed
  • [OHAI-381] – need to detect openstack-based clouds
  • [OHAI-384] – filesystem.rb buf for solaris based operating systems
  • [OHAI-399] – Add mixlib-shellout to Ohai's dependencies
  • [OHAI-402] – On SmartOS ohai does not pick up host ssh keys
  • [OHAI-404] – Ohai is missing network flags on network interfaces on SmartOS
  • [OHAI-408] – Chef does not pick up a SmartOS zone as being smartos
  • [OHAI-422] – Convert use of Rake::GemPackageTask to Gem::PackageTask
  • [OHAI-423] – Add Rake to gem's development dependencies


  • [OHAI-355] – network address selection improvements
  • [OHAI-382] – Fix stderr redirection in Java plugin
  • [OHAI-395] – Ohai does not gather serial number of Mac OS X
  • [OHAI-410] – Make ipv6 address available in rackspace and cloud plugins if available for rackspace cloud servers
  • [OHAI-413] – add raspbian as a detected platform
  • [OHAI-416] – populate rackspace region information
  • [OHAI-418] – Add Linode Detection

New Feature

  • [OHAI-357] – The amount of information returned in windows::kernel is 10 times all other data on the node, creating un-necessary but critical performance issues
  • [OHAI-400] – Show IAM role security credentials in Amazon EC2
  • [OHAI-409] – Add languages/nodejs plugin to ohai
  • [OHAI-421] – Virtualbox detection on freebsd

Dan DeLeo