Opscode Community Summit – Remote Participation

The Opscode Community Summit kicks off this week in Seattle. The Summit is an annual gathering of community members for two days of Open Spaces discussing the topics that are most important to the people in the community. Participants share their ideas, triumphs, and challenges with Chef and other personal projects.

The Open Spaces format does not lend itself to remote participation or streaming video from the conference. Unfortunately, not everyone who wants to be at the Summit can make it to the Summit in Seattle this year. To increase participation and make the Summit more open for the entire community, we’re going to try some coordinated Google+ Hangouts as Open Space sessions.

This is going to be fun experiment. Here’s how it will work!

  1. Suggest a topic and a time for a hangout on this Google spreadsheet.
  2. Send a tweet marked with #OpscodeSummit announcing your topic and inviting others to join.
  3. Host your session and document the results by submitting a pull request to the Summit’s github-based wiki.

Let’s see how this goes! It could be awesome.

Nathen Harvey

As the VP of Community Development at Chef, Nathen helps the community whip up an awesome ecosystem built around the Chef framework. Nathen also spends much of his time helping people learn about the practices, processes, and technologies that support DevOps, Continuous Delivery, and Web-scale IT. Prior to joining Chef, Nathen spent a number of years managing operations and infrastructure for a number of web applications. Nathen is a co-host of the Food Fight Show, a podcast about Chef and DevOps.