Opscode @ VMworld – We Need Your Votes!

Virtualization makes it easier and more cost-effective to scale physical environments. But it doesn’t do much for management.

That’s where Chef comes in.

Chef provides the same great benefits for automating virtualized servers that if offers for cloud-based or physical resources.

The thing is, not everyone knows this yet, so we need your help to spread the word. Public voting for VMworld 2012 speaking submissions is now open and we need the Chef community to rally behind us.


Please go here, create a VMworld account (this takes two minutes), then filter the speaking proposals you’ll see pop up for your consideration by entering the keyword “chef”. This will pull up our two submissions (listed below), for which you can vote and exit. (Takes about five minutes or less, total)

We’re counting on all of you in the community to help us bring Chef’s goodness to VMworld. Please note voting ends June 8th.

Thanks for your time and support!

Opscode Speaking Proposals for VMworld 2012:

  • “Continuous Deployment of Apps & Infrastructure With Chef and vCloud Director”
    • Speaker: Adam Jacob, Co-Founder and Chief Customer Officer
    • Talk # 1987
  • “Full Stack Infrastructure Migration Using Opscode Chef and vCloud Director”
    • Speaker: George Moberly, VP of Product Management, Opscode
    • Talk # 1595

Lucas Welch

Former Chef Employee