PackageCloud Repositories Disabled, Please Migrate to

As previously announced we’ve disabled our PackageCloud APT/YUM repositories for the current and stable release channels effective today. Please migrate to the equivalent repository as documented on The latest versions of the apt-chef or yum-chef cookbooks will automate this repo configuration for you.

The following projects have been updated to support our new distribution services:


  • Chef Server (12.6.0) – Server add-on install with chef-server-ctl install is the only functionality that will require an immediate upgrade.



Finally, Omnitruck has been taught a few new tricks:

  • The metadata endpoint returns URLs for all queries.
  • You can now install any of Chef Software Inc’s products using Omnitruck’s install script. Full details can be found on

Seth Chisamore

Seth is a Principal Software Development Engineer at Chef, focusing on Chef's continuous delivery and software distribution systems. He lives in Marietta, GA with his family and likes to say y'all a lot.