Practical exploration of Chef and Microsoft PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC)

This is an excerpt from a recent posting on the Cupfighter blog, authored by the team at Schuberg Philis. This entry digs into using Chef with Microsoft Powershell DSC and comes from Chef contributor and Schuberg Philis engineer Bob van den Heuvel. The full post, with lots of awesome tips and code examples for using Chef with DSC, can be found here. Thanks to Bob and the whole Schuberg Philis team for helping make Chef and the Chef community great!


In my daily work I use Chef for managing MS Windows infrastructures. For this reason I keep a close look on developments of Chef on MS Windows technologies. One of these technologies which Chef is adopting is PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC). Building an Active Directory (domain controller) using this new combination of technologies drew my specific attention. This proved to be a very interesting excercise since it gave me valuable insight into the possibilities and differences of how Chef interacts with DSC, and how I seem to have a problem with the ‘code’ attribute of ‘dsc_script’.
By writing this blog I hope to help others gain insight into Chef and DSC as well. And please return the favor by sharing your thoughts on this blog or Chef combination with DSC in general.

Go here to read the full post.

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Lucas Welch

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