Prezi Makes Your Ideas Matter w/Hosted Chef

Following on the heels of our last blog on customer goodness, this time we’re profiling a company who many of you may already be familiar with – Prezi. Prezi provides an ‘open canvas’ that helps more than 17 million users better communicate their ideas. The company’s zooming presentation software lets users choose between the cloud, the desktop, or the iPad or iPhone, providing an innovative communication tool wherever you need it.

Prezi is using Opscode Hosted Chef™ to automate configuration management for the physical and Amazon EC2 compute servers powering its popular presentation tools. With Hosted Chef and Amazon EC2, Prezi’s engineers and developers have easy, immediate access to compute resources, speeding development cycles and making Prezi more adaptable to changes in user demand.

Gabor Veszi, Infrastructure Lead for Prezi, had this to say:

“Deploying and managing hundreds of servers simply can’t be done by hand. Automating with Hosted Chef gives us the agility to make the most of the cloud. If we want to start developing a new system tomorrow, by Noon we can put every resource in place and be ready to go.”

So, what was Prezi able to do with Hosted Chef?

●      Scale infrastructure in real time to stay ahead of user demand

●      Accelerate innovation by enabling more than ten infrastructure and developer personnel to configure and deploy compute resources as needed

●      Improve collaboration and transparency by providing complete, easy to understand documentation of all resources and systems’ history

Not too shabby. In fact, pretty awesome. If you’d like to read the full story, please check out the case study here.

Lucas Welch

Former Chef Employee