Prezi Talks DevOps @GigaOM Structure Europe

Many of you out there in the Chef Community are likely using Prezi’s dynamite zooming presentation software. Prezi, in turn, is using Enterprise Chef to manage a big gang of AWS resources that serve its nearly 20M users. Cool, yes, but nothing we haven’t said before.

What is new is that Gabor Veszi, Engineering Manager at Prezi, is speaking as part of a panel at GigaOM’s Structure Europe show entitled, “DevOps: Is Synchronicity Here?” Here’s the run down:

The goal of devops is to get developers and operations people working in concert, not at cross purposes, with the goal being better software delivered faster. What pain points remain, and are they getting any better? This panel will take on the billiion dollar question, Are we there yet?

If you’re attending Structure in London tomorrow, be sure to catch our friend and Awesome Chef Gabor at 4:30 pm tomorrow. To read more about Prezi’s use of Enterprise Chef for its AWS infrastructure, check out the case study here.

Lucas Welch

Former Chef Employee