Product Updates: Habitat goes to KubeCon EU!

Greetings from Copenhagen and KubeCon EU! The Habitat team is excited to share our latest work with the CNCF and Kubernetes community.

Habitat and Kubernetes: how does it work?

Habitat’s open source framework allows you to automate your applications’ definition, builds and rebuilds, deployment and management throughout their life cycle. One of Habitat’s fundamental principles is enabling users to deploy their applications anywhere they need to be run, and to preserve this automated behavior. How do we do this on Kubernetes? We use the Kubernetes Operator model, and a bunch of other awesome open source ecosystem tooling, to ensure that the experience and lifecycle management remains first class, while leveraging the powerful management features Kubernetes has to offer.

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Habitat + Open Service Broker

The Open Service Broker API is a powerful cross-industry collaboration that allows you to provide services to consumers via a service catalog through a simple, secure, API-driven model that is compatible with a host of modern development platforms including Kubernetes, CloudFoundry, and OpenShift. Now, you can check out how to use it with Habitat!

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Automate Application Updates with Habitat and Kubernetes

Habitat Builder allows you to automate the definition, building, and re-building of your application and services, and then export and publish those services wherever you need to run them. New for KubeCon, the Habitat team has automated application updates via channel subscription from Habitat Builder to your running application on Kubernetes.

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Tasha Drew

Tasha is a product manager for Habitat. Previously of Rentlytics & Engine Yard.