What Is Progress Chef Roadshow 2024? - What You Need to Know About Our Upcoming World Tour Event

Say hello to Progress Chef Roadshow '24, a series of events for Chef customers and users in Europe and the United States, an opportunity to connect with Chef product experts and those working on the Chef team. These events aim to unite both Chef and customers to gain a better understanding of new product developments.

From April to August of this year, the Progress Chef team travels the world to connect with customers across the DevOps community.

You can start registering today if you are already interested in attending. But read below to learn more about Chef Roadshow '24, where it's going and what the events entail.

What Is Chef Roadshow?

Each stop on the Chef Roadshow dedicates itself to two groups in the greater DevOps community: customers and Chef product experts. It is a platform for first-time users and longtime customers to finally meet the teams and experts behind their favorite Chef products. However, networking with like-minded folks is just one benefit of attending Chef Roadshow. Registrants will be privy to conversations and presentations, directly from members of the Chef team, about the following:

  • What are the newest developments in the Chef portfolio
  • How your team can accomplish its DevOps goals by utilizing Chef
  • Insights into how prominent companies deploy Chef to help mitigate problems
  • Opportunities for training and further certifications via the Learn Chef platform
  • Q and A sessions and networking opportunities over drinks

We are confident you and your team will have plenty of takeaways when the Chef Roadshow comes to your city.

What Is The First Stop on Chef Roadshow?

The first leg of the Chef Roadshow will be in Hanover, Germany, on April 9, 2024, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. We are happy to provide a full schedule of the events. Hopefully, you can make it to one (or all, if you're lucky). Registrations for each stop are open; don't hesitate to secure your spot today.

Will You Be There for Chef Roadshow 2024?

We listened to your input at ChefConf '23 and we're excited to start the Chef Roadshow 2024 in April. Each stop will provide a setting for the Chef community to engage with us in a more personal setting. We are eager to meet you throughout the year, where we'll have the opportunity to showcase our ongoing projects and discover ways to collaborate with your organization, accelerating your DevSecOps journey.

Register for Chef Roadshow 2024

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