RealSelf Builds Online Consumer Health Community w/Hosted Chef

Continuing our series of customer spotlights, today we published a case study on RealSelf, a consumer health and beauty community that helps people make informed decisions on elective cosmetic services. To keep pace with rapid growth of its online community, RealSelf needed a solution capable of automating configuration for its application development pipeline. As the company transitioned from manual management of physical resources to a hybrid infrastructure comprised of physical servers and Amazon EC2 cloud resources, it encountered a number of challenges:

  • Create application development pipeline integrating physical servers, Amazon EC2 resources, Capistrano for deploying application updates, and Vagrant for managing environments across different phases of development, testing, and production
  • Establish transparency throughout entire development workflow and across development team to reduce risk and enable faster development cycles
  • Ensure 100 percent uptime for website

To overcome these hurdles, RealSelf deployed Hosted Chef across its entire hybrid data center and public cloud infrastructure to automate the configuration of servers, application components and updates within an agile development workflow.

The results? Well, to find out, you can check out the full case study here.

Lucas Welch

Former Chef Employee