Register for the Free Chef Fundamentals Training Webinar Series

Are you ready to #learnchef? We’re launching a free weekly webinar series aimed at guiding you down the learning path for Chef. Join us next Thursday for the first webinar in the series.

This series aims to prepare key development, engineering, and operations staff to use Chef to write infrastructure. Each of the core units in the course has hands on exercises to reinforce the material. You will learn Chef by using it. At the end of the class, you will have a code repository that can be used and modified to solve real business problems.

Join Opscode Community Manager Nathen Harvey as he covers:

– Overview of Chef
– Workstation and Test Node Setup
– Conducting a first Chef run
– Node Objects
– Writing Apache and MOTD cookbooks
– Roles, Community Cookbooks, and Further Resources

Each session will be approximately an hour long, including time for Q&A, and recordings will be posted on a dedicated Youtube channel immediately afterwards for you to catch up and join in later if you miss a session.

The first session will be Thursday October 17th @ 10am PT and will cover an overview of Chef including recipes, resources, nodes, and more.

Registration is free. Sign up now for the first webinar.

What questions do you have? We’re ready to answer them at [email protected].

Brian Taylor