Release! A card game about software and the people who make it

We’re pretty hyped to announce that we’re backing a very cool new project on Kickstarter – “Release! A card game about software and the people who make it.”

What is it exactly? Here’s what the game’s creator Alex Papadimoulis, an agile software engineer based in Ohio, had to say:

“A card game about making software inspired by development strategies like Lean, Agile, and DevOps, and classic trick taking card games.

Release! is 3 to 5 player card game that takes modern development methodologies and crams them into a trick taking card game that is fast paced, easy to pick up, and has a lot of room for strategy. But Release! is more than just a fun way to spend a few minutes. It’s something that can bring your team — and even different teams — together, at a table, for a reason other than a routine meeting.”

The game has already surpassed it’s Kickstarter funding goal, so now it’s in the stretch goal phase and we’re proud to help push the game’s potential even further. Working with the Release! team, we’re hashing out details of a mystery expansion to the game. The new expansion will add 36 new cards to the mix and some major mechanical twists to the game play. Please stay tuned for more details soon.

We’ll keep you all updated on the game’s development, progress, and upcoming availability later this year. In the meantime, you can get the full download on the game here.

Lucas Welch

Former Chef Employee