Release Candidates: Chef Client 11.12.0 & 10.32.0

Ohai chefs,

Today we’ve shipped release candidates for Chef Client 11.12.0 & 10.32.0. These two releases also include release candidates for ohai & mixlib-shellout.

Chef Client 11.12.0 RC1 includes:

  • ohai 7.0.0 RC2
  • mixlib-shellout 1.4.0 RC1

Chef Client 10.32.0 RC1 includes:

  • ohai 6.22.0.rc.0 RC0

Release Notes

Information about our releases now live on Github:

Chef Client 11.12.0: 

Chef Client 10.32.0:

ohai 7.0.0:

ohai 6.22.0:

mixlib-shellout 1.4.0:

How to get it?

As usual you can get these releases with our install script on non-windows platforms:

curl -L | sudo bash -s -- -v 10.32.0.rc.1 
curl -L | sudo bash -s -- -v 11.12.0.rc.1

You can download the release candidates for Windows using these links:

Chef Client 11.12.0.rc.1

Chef Client 10.32.0.rc.1

Serdar Sutay