Release: Chef Client 10.34.0 & Ohai 6.24.0

Ohai chefs,

Today we have released Chef Client 10.34.0 and Ohai 6.24.0. These releases contain important bug fixes and improvements that has been blockers to the Chef users who are on Chef 10.

The MVP of this release is again **Phil Dibowitz**. Thanks Phil for your continuous support to us while maintaining Chef 10.

Here is the full list of changes in these releases:

### Chef Client 10.34.0

* **Phil Dibowitz**:
‘group’ provider on OSX properly uses ‘dscl’ to determine existing groups
* `options` attribute of mount resource now supports lazy evaluation. (CHEF-5163)
* Fix OS X service provider actions that don’t require the service label
to work when there is no plist. (backport CHEF-5223)
* Set Net::HTTP open_timeout. (backport CHEF-1585)
* Fix RPM package version detection (backport Issue 1554)
* Support for single letter environments.
* Add password setting support for Mac 10.7, 10.8 and 10.9 to the dscl user provider.

### Ohai 6.24.0

* **Phil Dibowitz**:
linux::filesystem now reads all of /proc/mounts instead of just 4K
* **Phil Dibowitz**:
Use lsblk instead of blkid if available.
* **Phil Dibowitz**:
linux::network should handle ECMP routes

### Reminder

We have had some conversations about the supported Chef versions in the approaching major release Chef 12 with our community. As a result, we’ve decided to drop support for Chef Client 10 this October when Chef Client 12 ships.

We will continue to ship Chef Client 10 with contributions and required security fixes until **12/31/2014**. If you want to get more information about this and Chef 12 check out the recently approved Chef RFC here.

### How to get it?

As usual you can get this release with our install script on non-windows platforms:

curl -L | sudo bash -s — -v 10.34.0

You can check out our install page for more options or download this release for Windows using this link:

Chef Client 10.34.0 Windows MSI

If you have any problems with this release, you can file an issue at GitHub.

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