Release: Chef Client 12.0.1

Ohai chefs,

Today we have released Chef Client 12.0.1 with some minor backwards compatibility fixes to make it easier to migrate from Chef Client 11. 12.0.0 release was done at an inconvenient time and caused unexpected upgrade errors for some of our users. In the future we will make sure to provide more forthcoming information about our releases so that everyone can be prepared. We are sorry for any difficulty and frustration from this release.

Here is the list of issues included in this release:

* Issue 2552 Create constant for LWRP before calling `provides`
* Issue 2545 `path` attribute of `execute` resource is restored to provide backwards compatibility with Chef 11. This functionality is now deprecated and will be removed in Chef 13.
* Issue 2565 Fix `Chef::Knife::Core::BootstrapContext` constructor for knife-windows compat.
* Issue 2566 Make sure Client doesn’t raise error when interval is set on Windows.
* Issue 2560 Fix `uninitialized constant Windows::Constants` in `windows_eventlog`.
* Issue 2563 Make sure the Chef Client rpm packages are signed with GPG keys correctly.

Our documentation team has created a new page dedicated to the known issues that might impact you when migrating from Chef Client 11 to Chef Client 12. Make sure you check this new page out:\_client\_notes.html

## How to get it?

You can visit our download page.

Additionally you can use this command to download the latest version of the Chef Client on platforms other than windows:

curl -L | sudo bash -s — -v 12.0.1

For Windows, you can download this version using this link: Chef Client 12.0.1

## Get Help

You can reach us by filing an issue at GitHub or dropping an email to our chef and chef-dev mailing lists.

Thanks for making Chef better for all!

Serdar Sutay