Release: Chef Development Kit 0.2.0 – Windows support and more

Today we have released a new version for Chef Development Kit a.k.a. Chef DK.

The biggest highlight of this release is the Windows support. Starting with version 0.2.0 Chef DK is now supported on Windows.

Note that Test Kitchen currently doesn’t support having Windows guests in a test matrix. Salim Afiune is currently leading an effort to bring Windows Guest support to Test Kitchen. Until this effort is complete, you will only be able to test non-Windows operating systems on Windows. We will have another release when this functionality is available in Test Kitchen.

In addition to Windows support here is a list of minor improvements that will make life more delightful:

  • chef shell-init command which makes it easy to use Chef’s Ruby environment as the primary dev environment.
  • chef exec command which can execute a given command with Chef’s embedded Ruby environment.
  • --generator-cookbook option for chef generate command which enables using custom cookbook generators.

Our download page is updated to point to the new release.

Give this release a shot and let us know if you run into any issues.

Serdar Sutay