Release: Chef Development Kit 0.2.2

Ohai Chefs,

As of today version 0.2.2 of Chef Development Kit is available on our download page. This version includes one critical bugfix to address a regression in 0.2.1, along with a packaging fix that address an SSL issue on windows

The changes included in this release are:

* Fix a regression where chef generate template fails with undefined method ‘content_source’.
* Fix an issue where the command line chef-client and knife utilities on Windows were Chef-12 alpha and not the latest Chef-11 release.
* CHEF-5380: Removed the embedded path on windows.
* Fixed SSL\_CERT\_FILE environment variable issue on windows.
* Update Ruby to 2.1.2, Rubygems to 2.4.1 and Bundler to 1.7.2
* Packaging was updated to Omnibus 4.0
* This release was also built on Debian 6 and tested on Debian 6 and 7.

You can visit to get this version. If you run into any issues please file a bug in our issue tracker.

Lamont Granquist