Rocket.Chat Cookbook Certified by the Chef Partner Cookbook Program

I’m delighted to announce that Rocket.Chat is now part of the Chef Partner Cookbook Program. They have certified the Rocket.Chat Cookbook.

Rocket.Chat Cookbook

The Rocket.Chat Cookbook is designed as a one-stop shop to get Rocket.Chat up and running. Run the main recipe, run chef-client, and boom, you have the base install ready to go. If you are looking to create an in-house, or open-source alternative to Slack this will make it easy.

What is Rocket.Chat?

Rocket.Chat is the leading open source Slack alternative messaging platform, easily deployed with Chef to bring your whole team together online for instant collaboration. Communicate using text, image, voice, or video with your team. Direct messaging keeps your one-to-one conversation private; off the record, option encrypts conversations on the fly. Public channels bring departments and partners together to solve common problems. Share any document of any type via drag and drop, and start a discussion right in the same chat window. Express your thoughts with emojis or comment with one-click via emoticons. Access anywhere with any device – web, desktop, or mobile. Mobile notification makes sure you will never miss another message. Search feature helps you find those important conversations. Hubot and webhook support facilitates process and workflow automation.

Chef Partner Cookbook Program

The Chef Partner Cookbook Program is a collaboration between Chef and the vendor to help validate cookbooks in our public Supermarket.

Congratulations to Rocket.Chat!

JJ Asghar

JJ works with Strategic Technical Alliances at Chef Software making integrations work with Chef, Habitat, and InSpec. He works on everything from Azure, VMware, OpenStack, and Cisco with everything in between. He also heads up the Chef Partner Cookbook Program to make sure customers of Chef and vendors get the highest quality certified cookbooks. He grew up and currently lives in Austin, Texas.