Rocket Science with OpenWhere, Ostrato and Chef

This is a guest post by Brock Spradling, Director of Sales and Marketing at Ostrato 

On March 12th we’re excited to bring together OpenWhere, Chef and Ostrato on a webinar to discuss how this geospatial analytics startup is able to compete in the hyper-competitive defense marketplace. Discover how cloud computing expertise has enabled OpenWhere to achieve success, specifically through the use of two interlocking tools – Chef for infrastructure automation and Ostrato for cloud management.

OpenWhere solves some of the hardest problems in commercial satellite imaging, geospatial analytics and activity-based intelligence (literally rocket science). By leveraging Chef and Ostrato across AWS development, test, and production environments, OpenWhere has accelerated the design, build, deploy and test cycles while diligently tracking costs and minimizing cloud spend.

Chef provides the crucial configuration management glue and allows OpenWhere to de-risk infrastructure deployments and focus systems development efforts on building high-value IP. Ostrato’s Chef integration, self-service marketplace and single-click deploy features enable OpenWhere to manage an explosion of AWS resources while still governing infrastructure costs and providing transparency across the organization.

Join us for this conversation around DevOps, Cloud, Management and the journey of a customer.

Justin Fenton

Former Chef Employee