Serving up Delight in London

The week of October 13-17 is full of amazing Chef events in London. Make plans to join us for as many of these events as you can. And if you would like an early preview, join us this week for the Chef Users London Meetup on Thursday, October 9.

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Chef Intermediate Topics

Join Mandi Walls (@lnxchk) for Chef Intermediate Topics training course. This class will take you beyond the fundamentals and give you some experience with where to go with Chef after you’ve mastered the basics. This class assumes you have completed Chef Fundamentals or have enough practical experience with Chef to be comfortable with the topics covered in class. Hands-on exercises throughout the class will reinforce the material discussed. The class will run from 9am until 5pm Monday and Tuesday.

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Chef Community Summit

The Chef Community Summit is a facilitated Open Space event. The participants of the summit propose topics, organize an agenda, and meet to discuss and work on the ideas that are more important to the community. Sounds…”interesting?” Checkout some of the discussions held at the recent Summit in Seattle for an idea of some of the topics that will likely come up. The Summit is being held from 9am until 5pm Wednesday and Thursday.

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Chef Hack Day

Wrap-up the week with a day of hacking. In this particular session, we’ll give you a task to hack on and help you get to a place where you’re ready to succeed. The Hack Day will run from 9am until 5pm on Friday.

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Remember to use discount code CHEFWEEK when you register.

Nathen Harvey

As the VP of Community Development at Chef, Nathen helps the community whip up an awesome ecosystem built around the Chef framework. Nathen also spends much of his time helping people learn about the practices, processes, and technologies that support DevOps, Continuous Delivery, and Web-scale IT. Prior to joining Chef, Nathen spent a number of years managing operations and infrastructure for a number of web applications. Nathen is a co-host of the Food Fight Show, a podcast about Chef and DevOps.