Soft-Opening the Supermarket

We are so excited to announce the soft-opening of Supermarket – the new Chef Community site. With a clean, responsive design and an open-source foundation, the doors have opened and are we are ready for our first visitors. The current community site will continue to be available at during this soft-opening period. This will give you time to work with the Supermarket and identify and report any missing functionality or bugs that you may get stuck on.

Cookbooks and Accounts

As a cookbook user, you will find a new, clean UI built from the ground up. We hope that you find it easier to find the information you need more quickly.

As a cookbook maintainer or contributor, your account has already been migrated. You can login to the Supermarket with the same credentials you would have used on the current community site. Changes made on the current community site will continue to sync to the Supermarket, every three hours, through the soft-opening period. Any changes made to the Supermarket will not be synchronized back to the current community site.

Get Involved

By popular demand, we have completely revamped the way we handle Contributor License Agreements (CLA). There will be more details to follow, but you can evaluate the new process by visiting the Supermarket . All of Chef’s projects on GitHub will move over to this new system for CLA verification and will require you to link your GitHub account and sign/re-sign the Corporate Contributor License Agreement and/or the Individual Contributor License Agreement. Projects like, chef-client, cookbooks, etc. will send out notification when they are making the switch to using this new system for verifying CLA status.

For those looking to help out with the Supermarket itself, we would love to hear your feedback. For those that want to report bugs or discuss ways we can improve the Supermarket, please open an issue on the opscode/supermarket project on GitHub.

If you have general questions or just want to discuss things, please send mail to the Supermarket mailing list or join us for office hours hosted by @cwebber:

Christopher Webber