Splunk revs up new SaaS platform w/Hosted Chef

Many of you in our community likely know Splunk, the innovative big data company that enables enterprise companies to collect, analyze and harness the power of their machine data.

What you may not know is Splunk now offers a SaaS product designed specifically for the cloud. Splunk Storm offers the benefits of Splunk software as a hosted service, providing operational intelligence for organizations looking to gain comprehensive insight into their cloud infrastructure.

Pretty cool, right?

What’s more, Splunk is using Hosted Chef to automate resource configuration and provisioning for the Amazon EC2 infrastructure powering its Splunk Storm platform. By using Hosted Chef to automate everything from basic configuration and maintenance to infrastructure-wide updates and application delivery, Splunk is now delivering a top grade SaaS platform with minimal management.

Here’s what Gaurav Gupta, VP of Cloud Products at Splunk, had to say:

“Hosted Chef enables our development team to go from an idea to production-ready code in very little time. This means we’re faster to market with updates and more adaptive to changes in demand.”

Agile, innovative and adaptive. Plain awesomeness.

Lucas Welch

Former Chef Employee