Story Mapping with Jeff Patton at ChefConf

I recently had the pleasure of attending a 2-day class by Jeff Patton, author of User Story Mapping: Discover the Whole Story, Build the Right Product, hosted by our #ChefFriends Jeff Hackert, VP of Engineering at Soylent.

We worked in small groups to practice story mapping techniques using a game designed to simulate adding a feature to an existing product. I learned that the whole organization should be concerned with product thinking and ownership and should not be shouldered by a single individual.

At ChefConf 2017, we are thrilled to have Jeff Patton lead a workshop on Story Mapping. In his own words:

A story map is a simple way to visualize your product idea from your users’ perspective. Mapping your product’s story uses the same approach scriptwriters use to think through a movie or TV story idea. It’s fast, collaborative, and telling your product’s story helps you spot the holes in your thinking. Once created, a map lets you think through options and alternative ideas that’ll make your product better. It’s easy to slice out what you think is a smallest viable product, and to identify the next experiment that’ll help you validate your product concept. In this workshop, you’ll learn story mapping by building a simple map collaboratively with others. You’ll learn how to use story maps to make sense of how users and customers do things today, and how they might do things better with your product. You’ll learn how to use story maps to drive Lean Startup-style experimentation, as well as heads-down Agile software development.

I highly recommend this workshop for anyone wanting to improve their product skills. Jeff’s way of teaching is so dynamic, you’ll love what you’re learning.

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Jessica DeVita

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