Strictly BYOP: Chef Users Global Digital Meetup Series!

Hello Chefs! I hope you’re hanging in there. We miss you all and it’s been a bummer to not get to see you at the events we had planned to hold and attend this year. Stay home, wash your hands, and we’ll see you IRL later. In the meantime, we want to hang out online! 

We’re starting a new Meetup series, the Chef Users Global Digital Meetup. We’ll be running presentations from Chef employees and community members every week or so, as folks are available. We’ll be mixing up the times and days to catch different folks in different parts of the world, since the Chef Community is truly global. 

In a way, an online Meetup takes away one of the biggest challenges of holding a Meetup: finding a good location that folks can get to, that will be big enough for the attendees. The other challenge is knowing how much pizza to order. These meetups will be strictly BYOP: bring your own pizza (or whatever). 

Our first meetup will feature Galen Emery, our Lead Compliance Architect, talking about Human Free Pipelines. Galen’s sheltering in place in California, so this week will be a little late for our ChefFriends in Europe. Don’t worry, our next planned speaker is based in the UK, so we’ll get you covered!

If you’re a member of one of our Meetups, hopefully, you’ve already seen the announcement to join us. If you’re not yet a member, you can check out the details on our events page, find the Meetup closest to you listed below, or join our HQ Meetup in Seattle

We’re going to be using Zoom for these, so download it if you haven’t already. As with all of our events, our online Meetups run under our Code of Conduct, and we’re picking up some tips from Zoom about using their tools to keep attendees safe. 

If you’d like to present at a future Meetup, no matter where you are, ping me, @LNXCHK on the Chef Community Slack or email [email protected].

We’ll see you Tuesday! Or Wednesday for our APAC folks. :)

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Mandi Walls

Mandi is Technical Community Manager for Chef. She can be found online @LNXCHK.