Succeeding with the Chef Community

The Chef community is an active, diverse and smart group of people who contribute code to our open source projects, create and share community cookbooks, and want to help you succeed with Chef. From podcasts, to Meetups, and discussions on Slack, the community has your back, and you don’t have to take our word for it:

This is a stellar community. Everyone is here to support everyone else, and if someone is using Chef in this new way people get excited about it and people get involved.

Meg Cassidy, Nuna, Inc. in Cooking Up Security for the Modern macOS Fleet

A resource for problem solving

The benefits of the Chef community go beyond contributions to our open source projects.

One thing I really like about Chef is community, community and community… What the community has already developed is amazing. Let’s say I want to use a brand new software, I’m 100% certain that if I look in the community, I’ll find a Chef recipe for for it. And very soon, if you want to use a new package, you should be able to find a Habitat plan for it. There are so many plans already out there because there is a passionate community making sure if you are using Chef and Habitat, your needs will be covered.

Amulya Sharma, GE Digital in Building a scalable and reliable industrial cloud service

As Amulya and Meg point out, the Chef community is a phenomenal resource for problem solving. Users and customers work with each other, and engineers at Chef, to find new ways to address their shared challenges. This collaboration leads to better outcomes for everyone involved. Nathen Harvey put it best when he described his earliest experiences with Chef, “I became a better professional through interactions with the community.”

Building an internal community

Our customers also report benefits of building a Chef community within their organizations:

[C]hef brought us together to talk about common problems, issues and solutions…[W]e now have a strong, internal, self-sufficient Chef community that gets together and talks and shares work, when previously it was siloed and we had a lot of reproduction of code.

Graham Weldon in Rakuten picks Chef over Puppet for its Healthy Open Source Community

Why Chef?

Additionally, the Chef community is a major factor for why many of our customers choose to partner with Chef for their digital transformation.

What you’re getting with Chef is a lot more than just the checks on the feature boxes or the proof of concept. The reason we go with Chef is probably two things. First, what kind of community do we have around us to help us make these choices? When I am struggling with a cultural issue, is my vendor going to really help me with that? … Because that’s not a feature check box.

Michael Hedgpeth, NCR in Getting security, ops, and devs collaborating

Get involved

If you’re ready to get more involved in the Chef Community, start with our Community page, or check out the Becoming Part of the Chef Community module on Learn Chef Rally.

Jason McDonald

Jason is a Seattle-based digital marketer for Chef. One time he was runner up in an office table tennis tournament.