Take a test drive of Chef Automate on Microsoft Azure

Chef Automate on Microsoft Azure is a Continuous Automation platform that provides the tools for automating modern and legacy architectures: a release pipeline model for test, review, and deployment automation; visibility into what’s changing and why; and a comprehensive solution for compliance automation. Together, Chef Automate and Microsoft Azure give you everything you need to deliver infrastructure and applications quickly and safely.

One of the best ways to see how Chef Automate can solve your biggest compliance challenges is to take a test drive. The test drive for Chef Automate on Microsoft Azure puts you in the role of a DevOps professional, operating a critical application that runs on a fleet of Windows Servers in the cloud. You will identify servers vulnerable to the WannaCry exploit, reproduce the error in a test environment, apply remediation code across your server fleet, and confirm that the exploit has been mitigated.

While working in the test drive, you will triage the situation, reproduce, and confirm the vulnerability with the use of InSpec and publicly available compliance profiles. Next, you will mitigate the vulnerability using publicly available Chef cookbooks. Finally, in Chef Automate you will confirm the vulnerability has been successfully remediated. The test drive gives you a first-hand experience on why Chef Automate is your best continuous automation platform.

After the test drive, you have multiple options for using Chef Automate:

Don’t have a Chef Automate license?

You can deploy Chef Automate from the Azure Marketplace without using a license file, which will enable a 30-day free trial mode. The free 30-day trial is an ideal opportunity to use Chef Automate on Azure with your own data. Chef Automate on Azure

Purchase Chef Automate in the Azure Marketplace

Install Chef Automate in your Azure subscription and get all the benefits of Chef Automate in an easy to deploy model. Chef Automate on Azure uses the Bring Your Own License model (BYOL), which means that you supply your current Chef Automate license and only pay for the compute time you use on Azure. Visit the Azure Marketplace at Chef Automate on Azure


If you want complete control of your Chef Automate installation, you can also install Chef Automate yourself on virtual machine instances if you have an Azure subscription.   

Take a Test Drive

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Bakh Inamov

Former Chef Employee