Tech Leaders Showcase Chef Support at #ChefConf 2014

Chef is Collaborating with AWS, Google, HP Cloud, IBM, Juniper, Microsoft, Rackspace, VMware, and Many More to Define how Businesses Deliver Software and Services to Customers

SEATTLE – April 14, 2014 – In advance of #ChefConf 2014,Chef, the leader in web-scale IT automation, today announced that the company is working with a diverse group of leading technology providers. Their goal is to enable enterprise businesses to better deliver their goods and services to customers. Chef’s comprehensive partner program provides technology partners with a direct route to tight integration with Enterprise Chef. The program includes joint marketing and sales opportunities and access to extensive training resources. Through a series of collaborative engineering, marketing, and sales efforts, Chef and its technology providers are turbocharging businesses.

Enterprises must move at a pace that anticipates customer expectations. Developers and IT operations teams need tools that allow them to satisfy consumer demand, and to react to changes in real time and at scale. A February 2014 Gartner report entitled, “Strategic Technology Trend: Web-Scale Singularity Means Goodbye to Conventional IT Wisdom,” (Cameron Haight) states that “The influence of DevOps on IT culture, tools, processes and organizational structure is resulting in the acceleration of application delivery and an environment of continuous experimentation.We believe this statement reinforces the fact that enterprises are looking to DevOps to help them move at ever-increasing speed.

Ecosystem Momentum:

With the enterprise demanding more speed and scale, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google, HP, IBM, Juniper Networks, Microsoft, Rackspace, VMware, and others are working with Chef to empower enterprises by providing ways to achieve faster software delivery and to improve collaboration between development and operations teams, all in the name of ensuring delightful customer experiences.

–        Amazon Web Services: AWS uses Chef as the default automation engine for its application management solution, AWS Opsworks. Chef is also working with AWS Premier Consulting Partner, 2nd Watch, to deliver comprehensive support and services to customers by using Chef with AWS.

–        Google: Chef integrates directly with Google Compute Engine (GCE) to provide robust configuration management, resource provisioning, and application deployment capabilities for GCE customers. For technical information on using Chef with GCE please go here.

–        HP Cloud: Chef provides full integration with HP Cloud Services to deliver full stack infrastructure automation – from server provisioning and configuration management to continuous delivery of infrastructure and applications. Here is information on HP’s OpenStack™ technology-based public cloud.

–        IBM: Chef integrates with IBM SmartCloud to automate configuration management and application delivery in IBM’s OpenStack-powered cloud. IBM has released cookbooks for both SmartCloud and its WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile. These provide reusable code for rapid resource provisioning and full application lifecycle management. In addition, Chef recently released test code that supports the IBM AIX operating system.

–        Juniper Networks: Chef recently released full integration with Juniper Junos OS for streamlining the configuration of networking infrastructure.

–        Microsoft: Chef provides a single platform for automating Windows and Linux systems on-premise and in Microsoft Azure. By delivering native integration with PowerShell and the Microsoft Azure cloud portal, Chef enables Windows users to easily manage on-premise workloads and to streamline migrations to Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Open Technologies has released its own collection of Chef cookbooks that offer the Chef community rock-solid code for automating the provisioning and management of compute and storage instances in the Microsoft Azure cloud. For detailed information on using Chef with Microsoft Azure, please watch this demo.

–        Rackspace: Rackspace is using Enterprise Chef for its DevOps Service. The Rackspace DevOps Automation Service now offers Enterprise Chef to automate the scaling of its hybrid cloud infrastructure and applications.

–        VMware: Chef integrates with VMware’s vCloud Automation Center (vCAC) to deliver self-service application deployment in vCloud environments. With Chef and vCAC, users can easily automate the configuration and delivery of resources and applications in vCloud environments.

Partners Talk Chef at #ChefConf:

#ChefConf 2014 features a comprehensive collection of technology providers speaking about Chef integrations and collaborations. Partner presentations include:

–        Jonathan Weiss, AWS, “AWS OpsWorks under the Hood”

–        Niek Bartholomeus, BMC, “Orchestration in Meatspace”

–        Nick Stinemates, Docker, “Chef and Docker”

–        Eric Johnson, Google, “Cooking with Google Compute Engine”

–        Moe Abdula, “Delivering at the Speed of Tomorrow with Cloud” (Keynote)

–        Tim Puyer, IBM, “IBM DevOps for Cloud Delivers Smarter Apps at Market Speed”

–        Mark Russinovich, Microsoft, Keynote

–        Jeff Mendoza, Microsoft, “Cooking in the Cloud: Chef and Microsoft Azure”

–        Matt Barlow, Rackspace, “Managing Many Customers, Many Chefs, and Tons of Cookbooks”

–        VMware, “VMware and Chef: How to Build, Deploy & Manage Modern Applications”

Supporting Quotes:

“The tremendous support we’re receiving from the most forward-leaning of today’s technology providers further validates Chef’s pole position as the de facto standard for web-scale IT automation. We appreciate so many great collaborators investing time and resources into Chef to help businesses move at the speed of customer demand.”

–        Ken Cheney, vice president of business development, Chef

Lucas Welch

Former Chef Employee