Test Drive the Chef 11 Server Preview

We are excited to announce that all of the github repositories needed
to build and run erchef are now public. The top-level git repository
for Erchef, the open source Chef server written in Erlang, can be
found at

You can test drive a complete erchef powered Chef Server environment
using the omnibus installer[1] (this pre-release version is
currently only available for Ubuntu 10.04).

We’ve created chef-server-demo, a project that will allow you to run the
pre-release in a VirtualBox managed vm using just a few commands. The
README file has the not-too-gory details. If you try it out and
have feedback for us, we’d love to hear from you on the chef-dev
mailing list.

There are a number of known issues in this pre-release version and
it is NOT intended for use in production. We are continuing our work
to improve erchef and will be including it in the upcoming Chef 11

Stay tuned to this space for some posts describing how erchef is put
together and some of the new features it will provide in Chef 11.

[known issues]:

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Seth Falcon