Test Kitchen and Chef Provisioning drivers for Azure now work in US Government and Sovereign cloud environments

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As an open-source maintainer one of the hardest things is getting access to relevant test environments to test your bits. Especially when that test environment is in a territory or environment you don’t have access to.

I’ve been lucky enough this week to get access to a subscription for the Azure US Government cloud environment, and this has meant I have been able to make fixes to both the kitchen-azurerm and chef-provisioning-azurerm projects.

Test Kitchen (kitchen-azurerm)

Starting with v0.9.0 this driver has support for Azure Government and Sovereign Clouds via the use of the azure_environmentsetting. Valid Azure environments are Azure, AzureUSGovernment, AzureChina and AzureGermanCloud

Example .kitchen.yml for Azure US Government cloud:

  name: azurerm

  subscription_id: 'abcdabcd-YOUR-GUID-HERE-abcdabcdabcd'
  azure_environment: 'AzureUSGovernment'
  location: 'US Gov Iowa'
  machine_size: 'Standard_D2_v2_Promo'

  name: chef_zero

  name: inspec

- name: ubuntu1604
    image_urn: Canonical:UbuntuServer:16.04-LTS:latest
    ssh_key: ~/.ssh/id_kitchen-azurerm

  - name: default
      - recipe[vmtesting::default]

Chef Provisioning (chef-provisioning-azurerm)

These changes are available in v0.5.0. The driver will automatically use the correct token provider and management endpoints for the relevant cloud environment. The default driver format for the Azure public cloud is:

with_driver 'AzureRM:abcd1234-YOUR-GUID-HERE-abcdef123456'

This can be changed to one of the following formats:

with_driver 'AzureUSGovernment:abcd1234-YOUR-GUID-HERE-abcdef123456'

with_driver 'AzureChina:abcd1234-YOUR-GUID-HERE-abcdef123456'

with_driver 'AzureGermanCloud:abcd1234-YOUR-GUID-HERE-abcdef123456'

Links/Further Reading:

For further details, to raise issues or contribute, please visit the repositories below:

Happy Provisioning!

Stuart Preston

Principal Engineer, Community Engineering at @Chef and Microsoft Azure MVP based in the UK. Reach me on Twitter @stuartpreston