Thanks, Hacktoberfest Hackers!

Holy Hacktoberfest, Batman! If you participated in Hacktoberfest this year, you’ve heard from Digital Ocean about how awesome the participation was this year. Just an incredible amount of PRs were created by folks working towards their Hacktoberfest rewards.

What did you learn this year during Hacktoberfest? Did you participate in a new project, or fix something that was bugging you? We had dozens of folks contribute all across our projects, lending their time and talents to cookbooks and documentation and all kinds of other things. The Chef Community made some great improvements to stuff like modernizing the workflows and documentation on the Sous Chefs cookbooks. Folks who achieved two PRs will be receiving their stickers in the mail soon.

One of our contributors got involved last year during Hacktoberfest, and has used that experience to continue contributing over the course of the year to our projects including Chef Infra, Chef InSpec, Test Kitchen, the Chef cookbooks and the Sous Chefs cookbooks. Our contributors help make Chef’s projects awesome!

We hope folks who contributed for the first time during Hacktoberfest continue to participate in their favorite projects. If you missed the Hacktoberfest opportunity, but would still like to learn how to contribute to Chef’s projects, it’s never too late to check out the documentation for new contributors!

Mandi Walls

Mandi is Technical Community Manager for Chef. She can be found online @LNXCHK.