The Contributor Entitlement Program is Live!

We are excited to announce that today we have officially launched our Contributor Entitlement program.  At the core, our goal is to recognize the Community’s many contributions and continue to help enable our contributors to use the very software they are helping to build.

In order to be eligible to receive license entitlement, we ask that contributors meet at least one of the following contribution requirements:

  • Publish and maintain at least 5 distinct content items per year
    • This could include Chef Habitat Core Plans, Chef InSpec Profiles, or Chef Community Cookbooks
  • Submit, and have approved and merged, at least 5 PRs or Patches for the core Chef projects per year
    • We consider the core projects to be Chef Infra, Chef InSpec, Chef Habitat, and Chef Automate
  • Contribute and publish at least 10 meaningful contributions to official Chef documentation per year

Our internal team will review and respond to each application, and each qualifying account will be granted the equivalent of $15,000 USD of license entitlement (subject to review of your commercial relationship with Chef, should one exist). Contributors will then have the flexibility of deciding how best to apply the credit as it works for their business, so feel free to use it on any combination of Chef products; we ask only that it be declared as part of the contract. We also require that entitlements be claimed within 12 months of the most recent qualifying contribution and be renewed annually. 

We highly encourage any interested Contributor who feels he or she may be eligible for the entitlement program to submit an application.  Simply fill out the requested information here: 

We are thrilled to be able to continue to closely collaborate with our Community and identify different ways to formally recognize these valuable contributions!

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Corey Scobie

Corey Scobie is the Chief Technology Officer at Chef Software, where he is responsible for the roadmap and delivery of Chef’s enterprise automation portfolio including infrastructure automation, compliance automation and application automation.