The guide to AWS learning opportunities at ChefConf 2018

ChefConf 2018 is coming up quickly (May 23-25 in Chicago, IL): one of the key themes of this year’s conference is support for the major cloud platforms from AWS, Microsoft, and Google. Today, I’ll highlight some of the sessions for AWS-focused organizations. ChefConf attendees who are using or evaluating Amazon Web Services will find a deep set of sessions and content at ChefConf focused on automating and managing apps across your entire AWS infrastructure. We’re excited to have AWS as a Pinnacle sponsor for this year’s event.

If you’re coming to ChefConf and looking to learn more about Chef support for Amazon Web Services and more, check out these workshops and sessions:

Workshop: Continuous Compliance on AWS with Chef Automate

This day long workshop will show you how to detect potential security and compliance issues in your environment, how to quickly and safely remediate those issues, and finally how to ensure that any instance in your environments is also built according to your compliance standards.  

Don’t Depend on a Single Chef Server, Distribute and Conquer, the Federated Model for Chef Automate on AWS

Jonathan Weiss and Mark Rambow, Amazon Web Services

Your company is growing fast and enforcing consistency across your infrastructure becomes its own endeavor. This talk guides you on how to use a federated model to re-enable your teams to run their own Chef Server without the need to operate it. This gives them back the ownership about their own speed of development while using shared cookbooks to ensure that their infrastructure is secure and aligned with company policies.

In this talk you will learn how to share cookbooks, scan your whole infrastructure for compliance and separate out the risk of a central dependency.

PCI and Politics: How ActBlue Automates Compliance with Chef, Terraform, and AWS

Nicholas Klick ActBlue, Sr. DevOps Engineer

PCI and Politics: How ActBlue automates compliance with Chef, Terraform, and AWS. Since 2004, ActBlue has accepted and processed over $2 Billion for political campaigns and nonprofits. Leveraging Chef and Terraform, Nicholas recently completed a zero-downtime migration to AWS, while automating much the PCI compliance process. This talk will include a deep dive into PCI compliance issues, and how to utilize features with Chef, Terraform, and AWS to your advantage. Learn how to speed up your compliance processes and build stable, secure, and easily compliant infrastructures!

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Matt Carter

Matt Carter is Senior Director of Product Marketing at Chef. For 20 years Matt Carter has created end-to-end marketing and evangelism programs for companies and products in the developer and IT space, including Microsoft, Hortonworks, Shippable and TDWI. Matt is based in Seattle, WA, where he enjoys playing tennis and honing his BBQ skills. Contact Matt at [email protected].