“The most ambitious version of you”. Barry Crist’s challenge to the audience at ChefConf

Last month at ChefConf18 in Chicago, Chef CEO Barry Crist kicked off the proceedings with a provocative look at the state of the changes in digital transformation efforts, and asked the question to the crowd: “what comes afterwards?” Barry’s keynote focused on the challenges and aspirations faced by both companies and individuals in the industry today. How do companies and individuals keep from being left behind, while outpacing their peers in driving innovation?

This video of Barry’s presentation looks at what follows digital transformation, and what is involved as organizations move from automating infrastructures to a focus on application delivery. As companies aspire to be like digital natives such as Amazon and Netflix, it’s vital to think about a shift from focusing automation efforts on infrastructure management, into delivering value through applications, faster, and in a more consistent and predictable fashion.

As Barry walks through the risks and opportunities presented by this move to app-centered automation, he issues a challenge to everyone in the DevOps and automation industry: are you bringing your most ambitious self to the table? Listen to Barry as he dissects digital transformation, the shifts in the industry, and his perspectives and call to action for individuals to harness their ambitions to drive change that redefines the state of the art in the industry.

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Matt Carter

Matt Carter is Senior Director of Product Marketing at Chef. For 20 years Matt Carter has created end-to-end marketing and evangelism programs for companies and products in the developer and IT space, including Microsoft, Hortonworks, Shippable and TDWI. Matt is based in Seattle, WA, where he enjoys playing tennis and honing his BBQ skills. Contact Matt at [email protected].