Upcoming Webcast: Automating Zenoss Core with Chef

Configuration management, automation and monitoring are a compelling combination. This session will explore the new Zenoss Core cookbook for Chef. The presentation will walk through cookbook and discuss the inner workings, while providing a live demonstration of a Zenoss server being deployed and automatically monitoring Chef-managed nodes.

  • Registration: Opscode Webex
  • Date: Thursday, January 13, 2011
  • Time: 10:00 AM PST, 18:00 GMT. Expect about 1 hour for the walk-through and 15 minutes for the Q&A.
  • Presenter: Matt Ray (@mattray)

During the presentation we will:

  • bootstrap a number of servers and connect them to the Opscode Platform
  • deploy and configure a Zenoss server automatically, customized for our environment and preferences
  • add new nodes to our environment and start monitoring them automatically
  • explore the functionality of the cookbook and how the various aspects are supported
  • discuss a number of Chef features that enable this dynamic deployment
  • see real results quickly
  • discuss potential future enhancements
  • answer any questions regarding Chef and/or Zenoss Core.

All this in about an hour! Source for the cookbook is available from Matt Ray’s GitHub repository. While the cookbook is still under development, it currently provides a very usable set of functionality.

Matt Ray

Matt is Chef's Manager/Solutions Architect for APAC. Currently based in Sydney, Australia. He's been with Chef for 6 years in a wide variety of roles including Director of Partner Integration most recently.