Upcoming Webcast: Getting Started with Opscode Chef in the Cloud

Do you want to start developing Infrastructure as Code? Take your first step into a larger world with an action-packed technical walk-through!

  • Date: Thursday, November 18, 2010
  • Time: 10:00 AM PST, 18:00 GMT. Expect about 1 hour for the walk-through and 15 minutes for the Q&A.
  • Presenter: Aaron Peterson (@metaxis)

This webcast will walk through sign up and configuration for the Opscode Platform and then show a chef in action in the cloud. I’ll have links for each portion to our documentation and starting points for deeper study. We will:

  • install chef on your management station and connect to the platform,
  • get your repository ready and import a community cookbook from the cookbook site,
  • look through a simple cookbook and upload it to your organization on the Opscode Chef platform,
  • create a chef-managed ec2 server with a run list and see the results of the chef run in action.

And all this in about an hour! Prerequisites are a chef-supported workstation – I’ll be using Mac OS X which is in the Getting Started Guide. You can follow along with the fully automated deployment with nothing else, but if you want to play along you’ll want to dive in to Amazon EC2 and configure it to work with chef’s command line tool, knife.

Update: The webcast is available, with registration, to view or download after much wrangling with Webex to get stable URLs.

Aaron Peterson

Former Chef Employee