Upcoming Webinar with Managing a Hadoop Cluster with Opscode Chef

Interested in learning about how you can use Chef to stand up a Hadoop cluster and manage big data within your organization?  We have teamed up with the folks at who are using Chef to fully automate and manage their Hadoop infrastructure.

Experts from both Edmunds and Opscode will discuss:

  • Why Edmunds selected Chef
  • Overview of Chef
  • How Edmunds Leveraged Community Cookbooks to Manage Their Hadoop Cluster

The webinar takes place on Thursday January 31st at 10am PT, and we hope to see you there!

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John Martin, Sr. Director, Production Engineering at Edmunds

John is the Sr. Director of Production Engineering for Edmunds in sunny Santa Monica, CA. He manages a team of platform engineers that drive the automotive giant’s Continuous Delivery environment. With a 15-year background in system adminstration and application operations, John now focuses his experience on crafting the tools and culture which aide technology teams to deploy quickly and reliably to production.

Kevin Smith, Director of Engineering at Opscode

Over the course of his 16 year career, Kevin has helped mentor and lead technical teams at such companies as Red Hat, Lulu, Heroku, and Basho Technologies. His technical positions have been similarly diverse – from Team Lead and Senior Software Engineer to DBA and Network Administrator. Kevin discovered Erlang in 2006, saw its promise for building scalable high performance systems, and has been a strong proponent of the language ever since. In his spare time, Kevin is also the author of the Pragmatic Programmers’ popular “Erlang In Practice” screencast series.

Brian Taylor