Velocity Greatest Hits – Making DevOps a Science

As many of you know, next week is Velocity NYC, where you can find a bunch of the Opscode gang at booth #24 talking about how “code can,” and other cool musings.

Leading up to next week’s conference, we thought it’d be cool to revisit some of our greatest hits from Velocity’s years past. Think of it as a pre-funk for all the goodness going down next week.

So, let’s get started shall we?

First, up, our CTO Christopher Brown keynoted Velocity Europe 2012 with a rockin’ presentation about turning DevOps into a science. Check it out:

Next, up, our awesome Mandi Walls, who is presenting at Velocity NYC next week with a 90 minute technical session on using Jenkins. Earlier this year, Mandi gave an insightful interview about how Velocity has evolved and the various themes she’s seen emerge and come into focus:

Also in 2013, Mandi partner with O’Reilly to publish the free e-book “Building a DevOps Culture” which you can grab here. It’s a dynamite look at how DevOps is more about creating, defining, and supporting a cultural mindset than any given tool. If you haven’t already, definitely give it a read.

We’re looking forward to seeing you in NYC next week!

Lucas Welch

Former Chef Employee