“We have Unix engineers now happily automating Windows” – Chef + Cultural Change @Nordstrom

Today we launched a new series of Chef testimonial videos offering varied and unique perspectives on the journey to becoming a coded business. The first of these #ChefTalks videos features Rob Cummings, infrastructure engineer at Nordstrom, discussing how to level-up change in your organization.

You can click this link, or the screen shot below, to spend two minutes watching Rob discuss how Nordstrom used Opscode Private Chef to turn a heterogeneous architecture that mixed legacy and new technology into a streamlined DevOps machine. Rob covers recommendations for changing both tooling and culture in traditional organizations, as well as the benefits Nordstrom is beginning to see as part of its ongoing IT transformation.

As Rob comments, “We have hardcore Unix engineers now happily automating Windows infrastructure because they can do it through code.”

Pretty awesome.

For more on up-leveling change in your organization, check out Rob’s keynote, “Level Up Change in Your Enterprise,” from #ChefConf 2013 here and stay tuned for more interesting perspectives from Chef users later this week.

Finally, for even more from Rob on transforming your own organization into a coded business, be sure to check out Opscode’s webinar on Thur., June 27, with Rob, Forrester analyst Glenn O’Donnell, and our CTO Christopher Brown, entitled, “Building a Coded Business: Culture, Tools, and the Need for Speed.” Register today!

Code Can (help up-level organizational change).

Lucas Welch

Former Chef Employee