Webinar: Chef + VMware on 9.12.13 (Case Studies, too)

We had a blast @VMworld last week and talked to a bunch of folks looking for a ‘how to’ tutorial on using Opscode Chef to manage VMware infrastructure. Well, look no further.

Next Thur., 9/12/13, at 10 am PT, our own resident VMware expert and enterprise architect Yvo Van Doorn will be hosting a webinar on the several tools that Opscode and the Chef Community have cooked up to make tasks like bootstrapping a new virtual machine in vCenter or vCloud Director much easier.

What’s more, Yvo will be giving a live demo of some of the Chef Knife tools and resources available for running Chef with your VMware infrastructure. Topics will include:

– Intro to Opscode and Chef
– Demo of the various knife tool kits and how they interact with VMware vCenter or vCloud Director
– Review other resources available for VMware uses

But don’t take our word for it. Customers like the University of Minnesota and the University of Pennsylvania are already using Chef in VMware environments to great success. Check out what they each had to say below:

“Chef has made it easy to configure once, then replicate many times over, saving us significant amounts of time.”

– Kemal Badur, University of Minn.

Case Study here.

“Chef automates complex tasks that are otherwise time and resource intensive, but more importantly it allows us to focus our efforts on innovating and improving the quality of our services.”

– Sanjay Modi, UPenn

Case Study here.

You can register for next week’s webinar here. Let’s whip up some (virtual) awesome.

Lucas Welch

Former Chef Employee