Webinar: The Lean Enterprise with Jez Humble

We’re excited to announce that our own Jez Humble will be hosting a webinar on The Lean Enterprise on November 14th.

Register here, or via the embed below.

Here’s an overview of what Jez will be covering:

Companies like Amazon, Google and Netflix have shown that software can provide a powerful competitive advantage to organizations experimenting with disruptive business models. However in more traditional organizations, where IT is “just a department”, it’s easy to be cynical about the transformative power of software development. The main barriers are cultural and architectural – and of course, these concerns are linked.

This talk will begin by presenting the principles that enable rapid software-driven innovation at scale. We will then spend the bulk of the talk discussing how to transform existing organizations, using case studies from several domains. By the end, you will be equipped with battle-tested approaches to better serve customers by harnessing your organization’s true competitive advantage – the ingenuity of its employees.

Click here for complete details and registration.

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Jason McDonald

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