Webinars that rocked in 2016

Chef webinars are a great way to learn about new products, integrations, and build your skills as a Chef practitioner. In 2016, we presented more than 30 live webinars to thousands of attendees across the globe. My favorite part of these presentations is the interaction between Chef experts and our live audience members who participate in the Q&A sessions. In case you missed them, here are the top five viewed webinars of 2016.

#5 The Ruby Behind Chef

Chef is built in Ruby – a conscious choice for its great flexibility and developer friendliness. For some people, learning the language can feel difficult because most examples lack your perspective as a Chef practitioner. In this webinar, follow along in your favorite editor as we dive through the source code to teach you core Ruby concepts.

#4 Writing Great Unit Tests with ChefSpec

You’re already building better cookbooks by incorporating tests into the development process but you want to move faster. Verifying a minor change takes minutes when you want it to take seconds. How can you achieve that fast feedback?

In this webinar, Franklin Webber focuses on the power of unit tests. He shows where they fit within a test-driven approach to cookbook development and demonstrates how they can speed up that process. His tool of choice is ChefSpec. ChefSpec is a unit testing framework that allows you to write RSpec-style tests and it’s included in the Chef DK. By the end of the webinar, you’ll know how to use ChefSpec to write great unit tests, and where you can go to improve your skills even more.

#3 Automating Windows PowerShell DSC with Chef

Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) dominates conversations about how to configure and manage Windows Servers. Automating PowerShell DSC with Chef makes it safer and easier to manage hundreds or thousands of servers.

In this webinar, Steven Murawski, principal engineer at Chef and one of the pioneers in working with DSC, shares how you can bring order to chaotic environments by using Chef and DSC together.

#2 Chef and AWS: Your Path to DevOps

In this webinar, George Miranda and Ryan Cragun cover some of the Chef integrations with AWS. They demonstrate how to use Chef via the AWS Marketplace, and explain the benefits of flexible consumption pricing. You’ll learn how to use the AWS Lambda service to enable a function that automatically cleans up your Chef server as your EC2 nodes come in and out of service.

#1 Test Driven Cookbook Development

Build better cookbooks faster by incorporating tests into the cookbook development process. Tests give you reliable feedback and help you catch bugs early. The Chef Development Kit (Chef DK) includes all the tools you need to write both unit and integration tests.

In this webinar, Franklin Webber explains what unit and integration tests are and how they apply to the domain of cookbook development. He demonstrates how to build cookbooks by using a test-driven approach. By the end of the webinar, you’ll know when to apply unit and integration tests, how to use the Chef DK tools effectively, and where you can go to improve your skills even more.

Jamie Bright

Former Chef employee