Welcome Chef’s Ada Developers Academy Intern Davida Marion

A few months back, we got involved in an awesome organization, the Ada Developers Academy, which is an intensive software developer training school for women. One component of our participation is to provide an internship for an Ada Developers Academy student.

Today we’re super excited to announce that Davida Marion has joined us as our Ada Engineering intern. She’ll be with us for the next six months working out of ourSeattle office. Davida getting up to speed on Chef, Chef-DK, and Chef in Windows. As part of her studies she’s been immersed in rails so it’s likely she’ll give our rails cookbooks a workout. Here’s a bit more about Davida:

Hi, I’m Davida, the new intern from the Ada Developers Academy. Before attending Ada, I bopped around doing a bunch of different stuff, including getting my masters in Library and Info Science, cataloguing the White House Photography Office’s  output during the Nixon Presidency, working at a small CLEC in NYC and making ice cream. Also you should check out, which I made.

Please welcome Davida in the comments!

Lucas Welch

Former Chef Employee