Welcome (more and more) new Chefs

Here’s yet another post in our ongoing series of blogs about the many new engineers joining our team. Get to know a little bit more about the awesome folks who have jumped on-board our ship to make Chef even more delightful.

BallTyler Ball

Focus: Chef Client / Chef DK

Previous: Cerner

Likes: Writing in the third person, dodge ball, board games





BlackJosh Black

Focus: Front-End

Previous: Fullstack

Likes: Family, cats





DavisShelton Davis

Focus: User experience

Previous: First Data Corporation

Likes: Many





DohertyChris Doherty

Focus: Platforms (especially Windows)

Previous: Ooyala

Likes: Sailing, singing, aikido





KWKrzysztof Wilczynski (KW)

Focus: EMEA Support

Previous: RMS

Likes: Anime, reading Manga

Lucas Welch

Former Chef Employee