Welcome New Chefs!

Both Chef and the Chef Community are growing like crazy these days. We’ve realized many of you in the community might like knowing the folks joining our team who will be working on Chef itself, or supporting your success.

As with many things, it’s better to start small. So we’re beginning by highlighting only new hires in engineering and support, though rest assured we are adding to operations, sales, marketing, and more — on an almost daily basis.

Over time, we’ll work to shine a light on all the delightful Chefs joining our team in droves.

Now, without further ado, this week we added three new Chefs:

7819402400_1609374c18_mJess Mink

Focus: Chef Server

Previous: Ooyala

Location: Virginia

Likes (besides Chef): Hiking (like real-deal, survivalist-type hiking), pinball


Scott Hain 2Scott Hain

Focus: Engineering – Field Solutions

Previous: Expeditors

Location: Washington

Likes (besides Chef): Cats (fostering them), guitars (collects them), PC gaming


j4_squareJustin Shoffstall
Focus: Support

Previous: Basho

Location: Florida

Likes (besides Chef): Fatherhood, jamming the bass, cooking

Lucas Welch

Former Chef Employee