Windows Automation Testing w/Chef by @mwrockx

Our friend Matt Wrock, a software engineer at CenturyLink Cloud, recently wrote a tremendous “how to” blog on Windows automation testing using Chef, Vagrant, and Test Kitchen. Matt writes:

I work for CenturyLink Cloud and infrastructure automation is front and center to our business. Like many shops, we have a mixed environment and central to our principals is the belief that testing our automation is just as important as building our automation. In fact they are not even two separate concepts. Untested automation is not finished being built. So I am going to share with you here how we test our Windows server infrastructure along with some other bits I have been working with on the side.

He goes on to provide a step-by-step process for automated testing of Windows server infrastructure, with specific technical details, code samples, and much more.  You can read Matt’s full post here and if you’re using Chef with Windows, or considering doing so, it’s definitely worth checking out this insightful first-person perspective.

Lucas Welch

Former Chef Employee