“You just put the code in. Chef takes care of it.” – Chef + Berkshelf @Riot Games

For the third installment of our new #ChefTalks customer video series, we interviewed Jamie Winsor, a newly minted Awesome Chef, the author of Berkshelf, and Software Engineer at Riot Games. You all know Riot and its League of Legends game, but did you know Riot uses Chef to power a DevOps culture, including automating configuration and app updates in its massive infrastructure?

Please visit this link, or click the screen shot below, to watch a two-minute video of Jamie discussing how Riot uses Chef to automate a range of IT operations, his philosophy on automation, and what exactly Berkshelf, the open source cookbook management tool, is all about.

As Jamie advocates, “You just put the code in. Chef takes care of it. Prints brand new machines for you, faster than ever.”

For a deep dive into Riot’s infrastructure, use of Berkshelf and Chef, and a good look at why Jamie was honored at our inaugural Awesome Chef awards, check out Jamie’s keynote, “The Berkshelf Way,” from #ChefConf 2013 here.

Stay tuned for more videos next week of some pretty cool people talking about how they’ve turned their companies into coded businesses with Chef. And don’t forget about our webinar with Forrester analyst Glenn O’Donnell, our CTO Christopher Brown, and Rob Cummings of Nordstrom on Thur., June 27, at 11 am PT, entitled, “Building a Coded Business: Culture, Tools, and the Need for Speed.” Register here.

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Lucas Welch

Former Chef Employee